Microbiological Technology

In this process ROCtecs creates a low dissolved oxygen (0,3 mg/l) environment for the biological process.

ROCtecs then determines the energy needed depending on pollution. Just the right amount of air will be in the aeration basin. Next ROCtecs creates an environment in the aeration basin for simultaneous nitrification and denitrification. Therefore there is less consumption of energy and volume needed.

The ROCtecs technology can hold a high sludge concentration (about 5-8 g/l) in the aeration basin.

  • High volume of micro-organisms is an indicator for an effective and efficiency treatment.
  • High volume of micro-organisms is an enhancement of the sludge age and reduces surplus sludge. 
  • This also minimized the surplus sludge treatment cost and volume.

ROCtecs technology improves the overload impact capability.

  • Less overload impact capability is a fundamental factor of a stable environment for the proliferation of micro-organism.



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